Friday, January 23, 2009


For the MSM: Mission accomplished

For the MSM, their job is done but at what cost. I can't say that their entire problem is that they flushed their credibility during the election but it can not have helped that the public considers them to be so untrustworthy.

Americans are increasingly assuming that the "news" isn't being "reported" but that what they are being fed is meant to influence public opinion as opposed to serving to inform it. In 2003 this poll showed that 79.3% felt the MSM was attempting to promulgate a particular point of view and in the 2007 poll that climbed to 87.6%. The poll also shows that "86.0% agreed (strongly or somewhat) that the news media attempts to influence public policies -- up from 76.7% in 2003."

So good luck moving to your new careers in bridge building you former writers and editors. At least the One has a plan for you.


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