Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Obama arrives in Washington

I can almost hear the tsk, tsking. It's gonna be a long four years for the humorless left.

Will Ferrell's writing partner Adam McKay, who directed the brilliantly funny film Anchorman, declared that one cannot make jokes at the expense of our 44th president because "Obama's an actual adult who knows how to work." At the Cato Institute's @Liberty blog, David Boaz points out that if our professional humorists cannot divine any Obama-related punch lines from the material he has already provided us, then perhaps "we need better humorists." [Emphasis added.]

That is what I intend to be.

Diego: While I agree that Obama will be off limits to the faithful, don't forget about Joe. Biden is fair game for them now and I don't think he will be silent so he should offer some ripe material.

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