Monday, February 09, 2009


Conservatives Are Just Not Getting It

And their influence will all but disappear if they don't at some point.

President Obama gets it: President seeks grass-roots support for stimulus

Conservatives, and that doesn't necessarily mean Republicans, are still talking in terms of Socialism vs. Capitalism and still quoting the Constitution. That is a losing battle in today's political climate. All that matters is the Narrative. Liberals get it and they are exploiting it.

You think the Second Amendment gives you the right to own a gun? The Narrative says that guns are bad. You think that Capitalism is freedom and Socialism is not? The Narrative is saying otherwise. If Conservatives don't get in the game they will just be ignored.

Conservatives were not likely the cool kids in high school but if they don't realize the importance of competing in that popularity contest now they wont get many votes. Like it or not, those rules apply to today's electorate.


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