Friday, February 13, 2009



Treveon Martin, 10, is afraid of a teacher at his school.

"I've seen him hit five of them in the classroom," Martin said.

Martin says he and others have been hit, grabbed and even struck with a belt.

"He's threatened almost all the kids in his classroom," Martin said.

He says it happened at Robert Emmet Academy in November but a Chicago Public School investigator didn't talk to him until last week - 70 days after the case was reported, and not until after we started asking questions.

"He holded my arms and he picked my body up, and then he just slammed me on the desk," Martin said.

Was he being punished for incorrect use of the past tense? If so, then we might have a candidate for teacher of the year. Martin's picture is of a cherubic boy who looks put upon by a malevolent teacher. I wonder if we will ever get the teacher's side of the story? Will we ever know the effectiveness of a teacher who uses threats and physical punishment? Probably not. Better to let the illusion that kids are little angels live on.


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