Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I am a Mongo-Con

All around fool and self professed "conservative" thinker Rod Dreher has helped me realize what I am. I am a Mongo-Con.

Victor Davis Hanson begins a post on NRO thus:

All these highbrow conservative attacks on Limbaugh keep missing the point.

Boy, this is getting awfully tiresome, and I'm sorry to see someone of Prof. Hanson's caliber descend into this kind of rhetoric. What is it supposed to mean to describe conservatives who have a beef with Limbaugh's views or rhetoric as "highbrow"? Are the opinions illegitimate or mistaken because they supposedly come from a vantage point of cultural sophistication? Even if that were true, which I doubt, since when do conservatives look down on sophistication itself? Since Joe the Plumber became the Whittaker Chambers of the Mongoloid* Right?

Likewise, how utterly bizarre is it to read someone in the web version of a publication started by William F(reaking) Buckley using "highbrow" as a perjorative description?

UPDATE: I use "Mongoloid" in the Ignatian sense -- that is, as a reference to dopes. No reference to Down syndrome sufferers is intended; I just like thinking about Mongo-Cons.
Mongo no like condescension.


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