Thursday, May 14, 2009


On to Toronto

I'm leaving soon for a road trip to Toronto. I'll catch the White Sox game there on Sunday and history (my 2-9 road record, dome stadium, artificial surface...) suggests that the Sox will lose. I drove there twice before in the early 90's and gave some thought this morning to how much has changed in planning a road trip.

Back in the day one had to do some real research (or save the pre season MLB section of the local paper ) just to get an out of town team's schedule. The National provided a weekly schedule back then but it didn't help in long term planning. Then there are maps, hotels and so much more that has been made simple by modern technology. Google maps and a gps unit have made my road atlas a reference book seldom used on trips, it still helps for planning though.

It will also be interesting to see the changes that have taken place (from what I can remember) since I last was in Toronto. I was also in Montreal in the early 90's and recall reading an artical in the local paper about how Toronto, which had just been awarded an NBA franchise, had surpassed Montreal as the premier Canadian city. In my mind I will try and compare Toronto and Montreal of the early 90's vs Toronto and Montreal now, aside from the fact that the Sox lost in Montreal in '04.


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