Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Suicide Immunity

I have not read much about the possibility raised that President Obama targeted Chrysler dealership closings based on politics. I have no comment on the specifics of that issue. Ace comments here but he is wrong on his general assessment of Obama and politics:

"I just can't buy this -- if true, it's politically suicidal, even with the media on his side covering for him."

There is no action Obama could take now or in the immediate future that would be politically suicidal. It is possible for a series of actions to have that effect over time and some of those actions in such a series may have already been taken by Obama. But the MSM will not cover anything negative about Obama with any seriousness and headlines still drive opinions at least as far as I can tell from my personal experience.

The narrative is positive and that will be the opinion of the electorate.


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