Sunday, June 14, 2009


Obama's reaction to Iranian chaos is familiar

It reminds me of of George H. W. Bush's reaction to the events preceding the fall of the Berlin Wall. The best word to describe both administrations is flatfooted. I guess this is the way that all "pragmatists" react when their neat, little assumptions about the world order run into reality. An ideologue might actually have a position on a revolution against thuggish tyrants.

Welcome Instapundit readers! And now for all the usual blather about how happy I am to have visitors and please feel free to peruse the blog when we all know you are here for a quicky. (Sigh.)

Update: A few, well most, commenters think I am too harsh on GHW Bush. Not really. All I ask is for a comment about the importance of far elections and how it is never right to violently attack peaceful protests. Reagan did this when the Polish communists cracked down on Solidarity. Voicing our committment to democratic principles is extremely important to our standing in the world and heartening to those facing repression. IMHO, Bush could have said as much without any risk to the disolution of the Soviet Union.


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