Thursday, June 18, 2009


Republicans Must Learn the ABC's of Propaganda

Conservatives do not currently have much of a voice in political matters. I thought the last election was a big opportunity for a third party or independent to surface but the Republican party is all the conservatives have.

Since ABC is planning on airing what looks to be an Obama infomercial soon the Republicans, or at least conservatives, had better be prepared to offer a counter argument to the health care takeover that the Democrats are trying to sell to the public. The response must be timely and reach as many people as possible. I realize that this poses a problem since ABC is refusing to air opposing views but a poor effort on the Republicans part will not cut it.

At the very least a Youtube video outlining their opposition should be ready to go. As Karl Rove points out:
"Republican credibility on health care depends on whether the party offers positive alternatives that build on the strengths of American medicine. As long as the choice was between reform and the status quo, the public was likely to go with the reformers."
Republicans/conservatives must have their voice heard.

If the Obama sales pitch is as expected then poking fun of the MSM by pointing out the absurdity of their bias by offering a Billy Mays spoof on the O-pitch (or maybe even better still get that Sham-Wow guy) could be pretty funny.

I hope conservatives learned their lesson during the Republican primaries when the MSM hijacked the process and shaped the debate to their liking. If Republicans don't fight then conservatives must fight on their own with or without the GOP.


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