Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Is Palin the Real Maverick?

I'm not guessing at Sarah Palin's next move after stepping down as Alaska's Governor but if she is going to run for President in 2012, I think the GOP needs her more than she needs them. Republicans are still not taking a strong stance against Obama, the Democrats and big government policies. I'm not sure if they are afraid of the media or just want to maintain the current system only with more loot for themselves. Either way they will not make any significant political gains with their current strategy. They will lose the same way they lost the last election.

The opportunity lies with either a conservative GOP or an independent. Palin could be that independent if the GOP does not follow that path. She could run herself or she could simply begin a campaign that pulls the Republicans back to the right and then support them in the end. That would be in line with her current reasoning for stepping down as governor, she does not seek higher office to satisfy self serving desires. She wants to make a difference but she does not need to be President to accomplish that.


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