Saturday, July 25, 2009


Obama is the best thing that ever happened to conservatives Part 1

I thought the same of Bill Clinton in 1992 and he was fairly good news in that he soured the American people on the Democrats and managed to lose both houses of congress. Unfortunately, he triangulated his way to a second term. Still he did not accomplish much and what he did accomplish I supported: NAFTA, welfare reform, making sexual harassment cool again.

Obama has all the potential of a Bill Clinton, that is to turn Americans against liberal policies, without Bill Clinton's political savvy. Who will be Barack's Dick Morris? I doubt he has the instincts to survive. Why do I say that? Because he has had a pretty charmed political life so far. Bill Clinton had the scars of lost campaigns and various scandals. Like him or not, Clinton is a survivor. Obama is more of an ideologue and he is surrounded by ideologues who will strongly discourage him from the necessary course correction. I could be wrong about his character. Nothing like getting clobbered in the polls to wake you up to your own folly.

I have been optimistic about conservatives chances since the election because I know that this recession is not your typical recession. We are going through a long debt cause asset price deflation and there is no cure other than to have prices fall to a level that brings in the smart money. I don't think we are there yet. Also, I know that Barack Obama is a true believer and he will keep pushing statist policies that will have no effect on deflation. In fact, increasing the power of the gov't is only going to stiffle business. Unemployment will keep rising and so will dissatisfaction with Obama. From this I knew Obama was doomed. I think his only chance is to fess up to his mistakes and tell the American people the truth about what is happening to the economy.

Do you think he is going to do that? He's doomed and it is his fault.

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