Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The Comprehensive Problem

The problem with 'comprehensive reform', of health care, immigration, or any other issue is that is provides far too great an opportunity for political shenanigans. I've debated this before with a friend who is big on comprehensive immigration reform and was convinced that he had simply found his method of getting unpopular (and against U.S. interests) legislation passed by bundling it in a massive bill and giving it a nice label.

Fortunately is seems that the voters are on to this in our current debate about health care reform. At Red State the question is asked: "Will one of the parties wise up, and sell its approach as nothing more than incremental reform, designed not to be overly-ambitious?"

I hope that all this pressure currently on the Democrats results in preventing either party from again considering rushing forward with massive 1000+ page legislation. If they would like to legislate in such mass quantities they can start by repealing some of the volumes that are already on the books.


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