Monday, August 10, 2009


Is Obama playing for two?

I don't think Obama's political team are a bunch of dummies but the way they are playing health care certainly looks dumb. Do you really want to be seen encouraging a bunch of thugs to use "the persuasion of force" against your political opponents? Even if you believe that the protesters are astroturf, union thug certainly trumps Brooks Brothers wearing faux concerned citizen. You would think this is a good time for the President to get in front of the issue and appeal for calm. That is what he does best- manufacturing moral equivalence.

The only thing that makes sense is the Obama administration knows it will not be able to persuade most voters who are happy with the current health care system so they're trying to get health care reform passed by tarnashing the reputations of the protesters in the eyes of congress. He is hoping the congressmen will ignore them because the Democratic base has demonized them. Of course if he is wrong and those people protesting are real voters with very strong feelings about attempts to create a single payer system then those congressmen who support Obamacare will be toast in 2010. But that won't matter if a public option is passed.

Obama has about nine more months and he just has to keep the Blue Dog's more afraid of his administration than their constituents.

Diego adds: I think Obama believes he is above all this. He says one thing and does another which has worked quite well for him so far. I don't know how this will all work out but I would not be surprised if Obama, despite the 'get in their faces' campaign rhetoric and current town hall clashes, ultimately speaks of civilized debate and appears to be the calming factor. You might think that ridiculous but he does still have the media on his side.

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