Tuesday, September 29, 2009


16 years ago tomorrow- Big Picture CD Release

That's right, 9/30/93 was the CD release concert for Big Picture self titled CD. It seems like, oh, 16 years ago. I found their CD on Monday looking through some old boxes and it is already on my mp3 player. I used to listen to it incessantly and i always wished they would have put out more music but like so many bands it didn't happen.

Big Picture was a Genesis (Gabriel era) cover band before they did their own music and John O and I would travel out to the burbs to see them once a month for at least a year or so. It was fun for us because we love the music but I know it couldn't have been to lucrative for them since we were often a tenth or more of the audience. Still, they were good musicians who loved the music.

Later they told us they weren't going to being playing any more and that was the end of an era for us. There just weren't any more Genesis cover bands in the area. (RIP Harlequin and Cinema Show.) It is fun to listen to their music and reminisce. My life changed a great deal shortly after this. John and I moved to the north side. I started making money trading. It was the end of our youth as southsiders living our parochial lives as the world opened up.

I tried looking up the band but didn't find much. Funny though I did find a Russian website dedicated to Prog rock which mentioned this CD. If the Pieper brothers or any one from Big Picture finds there way to this website please leave a message. And if you decide to play again know that you will have two fans that will drive any distance to see you.

Diego: This CD is on my iPod. I wasn't at the release party but I picked up a copy at one of their shows.


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