Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The fall of Little Green Footballs

I've known for a long time that the proprietor of LGF, Charles Johnson, has a problem with religion. Over the years his rhetoric has gotten nastier and other blogs have come along which did what Johnson's did but better. I rarely visit LGF any more and it is with a little sadness that I have decided to delink Johnson's blog. Not that it will affect him but as a matter of principle. Either he has none or he has lost his mind, either way, I don't want to lend a hand to him any more.

If you want to read about what has happened here are some links covering part of the Little Green Meltdown.

LGF bans and blocks Atlas Shrugged

Mad King Charles, Lord of the Lizards, was deriving advertising revenue generated by traffic to a site where he didn't have to do much of anything except maintain the community of commenters. So he shifted into neutral and coasted. He seems to have handed over control of the community to a handful of stooges. (Who is this "Sharmuta" and why do all the ex-Lizards hate her so much?)

The "updings"/"downdings" feature, with its resulting "karma" score, was crucial to the creation of the third-grade playground atmosphere at LGF, where people competed for popularity among their peers. This organizational dynamic was like a magnet to attract the types of toadies and sycophants that Shug denounces.

The Other McCain has a lot more on this so go to his site if you want to read about it. I really don't have the stomach to follow this descent into insanity.



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