Monday, October 05, 2009


AL Central Division Thoughts

For the second consecutive year the division comes down to an extra game. Last year the White Sox had to beat Freddy Garcia and the Tigers to force game #163 against the Twins. This year the Tigers had the chance to beat Freddy Garcia and the White Sox to stay ahead of the Twins but lost.

The Tigers had the chance to clinch the division by winning game #159 last Thursday. Five days later on Tuesday they will have the same chance to clinch first or this time second place. I would guess no team has had such an opportunity to clinch as early as the Tigers' and subsequently lost the division.

The Twins/Tigers game will be played in the Metrodome and despite the playoff implications will still be a regular season game. Considering that the Vikings and Bret Favre will be hosting the Packers in the same building tonight, I can't think of another venue hosting two bigger regular season games involving different sports on consecutive nights.


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