Monday, October 26, 2009


And I wanted to like Windows 7, I Really Really Did...

Here is my experience trying to update my PC from Vista to Windows 7

Install #1 - Windows tells me that I have an invalid key: My hard drive was reformatted as
part of the custom install process, and then it told me I couldn't use this version
on a new system, only on a system that already has Windows on it . Well, it
After two calls to tech support in India, I decide to just give up and start over.
So it's time to...
Install #2 - Re-install Vista so my "upgrade" disks have something on the hard drive to upgrade.
Install #3 - Install Windows 7. Hurray! now it works. Sort of. It's only 32-bit, and I wanted 64.
The documentation implied that it would ask which version I wanted. But it didn't.
The Internet tells me that if I start with 32-bit Vista, I can only upgrade to 32-bit
Win7, even if I wipe my hard drive clean. I got 32-bit Vista loooong before
the 64-bit version was released, so I'm penalized for being an early adopter?!?
But if I had never upgraded and stuck with XP, then I'd be able to choose the 64-bit version.
So I guess now it's time to ...
Install #4 - Install WindowsXP. It gives me a blue screen of death - my hard drives are not supported in XP.
Install #5 - Vista. Again.
Install #6 - Windows 7, 32-bit. Again.
Install #7 - Just for fun I put the 64-bit disk in (which refused to boot before) and finally!
Windows7, 64-bit. And well, hmm, it's not really any different from Vista.

At least now I know why they call it "7"...

Diego adds: Thanks for sharing! I bought a Gateway notebook a couple of weeks ago with vista installed and so far so good. I ordered the free Windows 7 upgrade which I'm told will be coming in the mail soon. I'm not going to install it right away though, I'll wait to hear more feedback before making that decision.

I probably didn't need the 64 bit but got it anyway. My old printer works in 64 bit but my Canon scanner is not supported. I can probably use it on my Asus eee PC if I can figure out how to install the drivers on the Linux system. That has proven to be more difficult than one would think. I haven't even found a driver for the scanner yet.

John O adds: Diego, I don't know what version of Vista you have, but you may want to try virtualization if you have a copy of XP (or a Linux distribution for that matter). Sun's VirtualBox runs fine on my Vista machine and its freeware. Also, Windows 7 allows for something called XP mode (something I didn't know when I tried it) that is supposed to take care of any driver compatibility issues, at least in theroy.

John O further adds: I do have one issue using VirtualBox to run XP virtually on Vista: I cannot get the game MapleStory to work; I get an 'error code -2147467259 (Unspecified error)' returned. I've researched various forums for solutions. But no luck yet. Anyone reading this who may have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Diego adds: If anyone wants to play Speed-Monopoly let me know. No calculator necessary!


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