Wednesday, October 07, 2009


The Dome Advantage

The Twins won the AL Central Division last night. They had to score a run in the 10th inning to match the Tigers and did so with the help of a misplay by the Tigers' left fielder who appeared to lose sight of the ball (in the lights or roof?) and turned a single into a lead off triple.

I've seen this happen several times before when the White Sox have played in the Metrodome. This is the last year for the dome and the Twins will be playing outside next year in the new Target Field. Two thoughts on that: 1. Will the Twins have the same success outside? 2. If they make the World Series the games could be played in Minnesota as late as Nov 5th, this years scheduled game 7, if necessary.

An interesting stat: The Twins have played 12 World Series games in their history. They are 11-1 at home and 0-9 on the road. Four of those home games were played outdoors in 1965 so they are 8-0 in the dome.


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