Monday, October 12, 2009


How to be the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend

Not at all stupid and insulting. In fact, I think both sexes have a lot to learn about each other. I know that a clean kitchen island makes for a very happy wife.

Dating Humor:
How To Be The Perfect Girlfriend

Dating Humor:
How To Be The Perfect Boyfriend

Diego: Perfection is not realistic and that should be acknowledged. Most couples take on roles and divide the responsibilities of running the business of living their life together. I think many problems could be solved, or at least realistically assessed, if they would try reversing roles for a while. If that is not practical they could at least imagine wearing the others shoes for a while.

In the family where the man works and the woman cares for the kids it would be beneficial for the man to spend a few days with the kids and see what it is really like having that responsibility. It would also help if the woman would seriously consider how and where they would live if she were to secure a home and support the family.

Bill C: I look at it as goals. Expecting perfection is what children and women do. And then they are disappointed. If I can just convince one woman to stop nagging it will be worth it.


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