Thursday, October 08, 2009


In depth interview w/ Dr. Who

Diego: I was very happy to see the show revived back in 2005 and waited for the first episode while hoping it would not be as bad as the Fox Doctor Who special made in the late 90's. It was not perfect but I enjoyed watching. I have to admit that there was a certain thrill from just seeing that it was not crap. Something pointed out in the interview above concerning the secrecy surrounding the details of the upcoming episodes is worth noting, after viewing every available story from the archives of 1963-1989, it is nice to watch without knowing what will happen.

David Tennant is a good Doctor but the show still needs another actor that does not fear being typecast. Tom Baker (#4) and William Hartnel (#1) were the best for that reason. Perhaps the new Doctor, Matt Smith, will make the character his own. I hope so. You can tell when an actor loves the role and the show is better for it when they do.

The immediate future for Doctor who looks very good. Steven Moffat takes over for Russel Davies (in interview above). Moffat wrote a few stories in the last four seasons and his were far and away the best. They were worthy of the cinema in my opinion and although he does not appear to be a lifetime fan like Davies, his creativity is more likely to make the upcoming season(s) more memorable than the Davies' era. I'm hoping for more Douglas Adams than John Nathan Turner.

If I were to suggest just one episode out of the entire classic (1963-1989) catalog it would be City of Death (at Netflix) which was written by Adams (he used a pseudonym to avoid union issues, he could not be both a script editor and writer). And if I were to suggest just one from the new era it would be any of the Moffat stories, though my favorite is Blink.



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