Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Limbaugh to be dropped from NFL bid for Rams

Boycott the NFL!!!

Not since Bill Frist snuck in the UIGEA has an organization so misunderstood its supporters/fan base. I love football. The fact that I have a two year old plus a wife who hates the game means that I don't watch as much as I would like. (I am currently trying to turn him into a sports fan under my wife's nose.)

Rush Limbaugh is a huge football fan and I think he would make a tremendous owner. A lot better than the stupid McCaskeys. But the NFL is full of owners who don't give a crap about the game so I can understand why they might cling to a smear campaign against a man who is outspoken as an excuse to keep him out of the club.

Fine, if the spoiled brat players and the stupid owners want to alienate the overwhelming white, male watchers of NFL football it isn't like we don't have other choices. Screw them.



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