Monday, October 12, 2009


MLB Waits For Snow

I'm rooting for the Rockies this year but if they don't win I have other things to hope for as the MLB playoffs unfold. The Championship and World series schedules are no longer flexible based upon when the teams finish their previous series. This allows for down time between series which I think is bad for baseball. I doubt the players want more than two days off without a game and it only pushes the season closer to the colder weather.

So aside from the Rockies, I can root for:

The Dodgers to win so that Jim Thome can get a World Series ring.

The Angels to send the Yankees home.

A nine and eight day layoff for the NL and AL champs. An NLCS or ALCS sweep would conclude on October 19th and 20th with the World Series beginning on October 28th.

Such a layoff could be enhanced if the Yankees and or Rockies are involved. A week of sun in NY or CO could easily be followed by cold and snow this time of year and what better way to highlight MLB's ridiculous scheduling policy than to involve the Yankee fan base in the Series folly.

It snows in Colorado in November? It is too cold for baseball in NY on November 5th? Would that surprise anyone? Is it wise to plan on playing baseball as late as November 5th while having the two teams involved sitting idle for over a week beforehand?


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