Saturday, October 03, 2009


Netbook or iPhone

Not that I am going to buy either of these in the near future but I was thinking about which would be a better platform to have considering I would like to have a phone with internet and many of the myriad features the iPhone app store offers; GPS, note taking, ebook reader. My biggest problem is the size of the screen, I would pick a netbook over an iPhone just because I do not want to strain my I eyes using the device. Apples most recent confab has got me thinking about another aspect of a portable device- gaming.

First, let's get a few things straight. In terms of casual gaming, you cannot beat what Apple has to offer. There are countless quick and easy games that fit well on the Apple platform. No one is booting up a PSP game for the 15 minutes you'd sit in a waiting room or the time standing in line at the deli counter. So while that section of the gaming market seems sealed up, the same cannot be said for the more hardcore action/adventure and shooter games.

CNET's complaint is the lack of buttoned controller, a problem that wouldn't necessarily bother me but could easily be remedied. Right now I am leaning towards the iPhone. Sure a smaller screen might be a problem but the ease of use, portability (fits in my pocket), and the fact that it is becoming the standard for hand held computing kinda tilts the playing field in their direction.

Diego: NEITHER! For me at least, new Gateway was delivered yesterday so I wont be using my netbook as my main computer.



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