Friday, October 16, 2009


NFL Rush

It could be only the first quarter? More thoughts on the second post below and the NFL officials words regarding Rush Limbaugh and the Rams:

Just as the health care debate is about much more than the proposed legislation (the legislative process is appalling and in need of exposure), this is about much more than just one man's interest in investing in an NFL franchise. I hope the msm, ESPN and the NFL are called out for their bias. Especially ESPN and the NFL as they try move on and pretend they have nothing to do with politics.

The Instapundit comments about the fake quotes attributed to Rush: "I don’t want to hear CNN slurring bloggers for insufficient fact-checking ever again." While I'm sure many agree with that I don't know how much an impact an even an obvious 'mistake' by CNN will have on the narrative which is what I really think is in dispute here.

In the Duke fake rape story the best defense the lynch mob had was that they got the narrative right but the facts wrong. I hope the Rush/NFL/ESPN/CNN story develops and sheds light on what is really going on. Another blow in the msm's death by a thousand cuts is nice but the narrative needs to be addressed. Right now the narrative trumps the facts and that cannot be allowed to continue.


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