Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Sony's Vaio L Series Touchscreen Computer, Updated and Bumped

I think my dream of having a computer that allows me to trade without a mouse is here. I am very excited about this because the mouse can be such a hindrance to fast execution. Let's say that you are diligently watching the screen and a good trade pops up. Now you have to scroll your mouse over to the button and press it. Typically there are different buttons for buying and selling, canceling orders, a field to change the quantity, a button to cancel orders and go flat, and various other buttons you might use sparingly; i.e., placing stops. That is a lot of real estate to cover on a screen with a pointer versus using your fingers to hit the button or activate the field you want with the fingers of one hand. (The other hand is on a key paid.)

Another problem I have is the 15" screen which makes it difficult to enlarge certain windows. I would like a larger screen however that means more area to cover with the mouse. A large multi-touch screen solves the cramped screen problem and the need to hit many buttons some times simultaneously.

All this is very exciting so I am going to call Bill O so he can shoot holes in critique my plan.

Update: HP is coming out with a line of touchscreen computers. After some thought what I really could use is a touchscreen tablet because I will be holding the screen in my lap or keeping it flat on a desk in front of me. Holding my arm up to touch a screen for hours is the sure way to the chiropractor.



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