Friday, November 20, 2009


Experience and Education

Victor Hanson:

In other words, I would trust the judgment of someone with Palin’s background on matters of Iran or Honduras or Putin far more than I would someone of Obama’s resume. I would trust my neighbor who farms 180 acres more than I would a chairman of an academic department. I know, I know, there are extreme binaries, but they are reflective of the lack of autonomy and physicality today and the undue emphasis on elite schooling as prerequisites for success. We know now that you can do nothing and still finish as the head of Harvard Law Review, or win a Nobel Prize, but if you miss an antlered moose, or run out of gas in the tundra, or fall overboard on a salmon boat, there is no Norwegian committee or Harvard Law Dean to bail you out.

Such is not an argument for anti-intellectualism or a dismissal of in-depth scholarship and research, but rather a reminder that Palin has led a full life than can be enhanced by more formal investigation. A chatty, rarified Obama misses dearly a concrete past, where he had to succeed or fail on his own merits, in a competitive unkind environment, where the muscular world often conspires against the intellectual.

Emphasis mine. I have a favorable view of Sarah Palin but I am not now suggesting a run for President. I hope her influence grows however as I see her as an asset for advancing conservative ideas. Among liberal friends and others I keep hearing about Palin's inexperience. She did not run for President yet there is a sense of relief among them that she is not in office. Ideology aside this is strange as Obama has even less experience and an incomplete resume.

I suggest you read the whole thing.


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