Sunday, November 15, 2009


Why are the Democrats in trouble?

Conservatives believe they are in trouble because they are proposing a leftist agenda with health care reform, cap and trade, etc. But liberals progressives think they haven't gone far enough.

Cantor is also right that the people want change — still. They trusted Democrats to deliver. The Democrats haven’t, not yet at least, and pleas for patience come at a price. If voters’ thirst remains unsated, they will change politicians until politicians change policies.

The party that wins the White House generally loses Congressional seats in the midterm, but this Democratic-controlled government has particular issues. Its agenda has been hamstrung by a perfect storm of politics: the Republicans’ surprisingly effective obstructionist strategy, a Democratic caucus riddled with conservative sympathizers and a president encircled by crises and crippled by caution.

I don't know how Mr. Blow can cite Republicans as obstructionism considering the majorities Democrats hold in the House and Senate. If Democrats were untied they could pass whatever they wanted. Of course, Democrats are not united and the reason is that Democrats cannot put up a bunch of Nancy Pelosi clones in suburban districts. The same suburban districts that Republicans used to hold before they imploded in 2006. The progressives think the country buys into progressivism, but we don't. The country voted against the Republicans as much as they voted for the Democrats and the Democrats continue to overplay their hand. The blue dogs understand this and I imagine that the Democratic leadership does but the loony leftist don't and that is just great.

Well, keep up the delusional thinking. Conservatives have a good chance of making a come back over the next two election cycles just as long as the Republican party gets out of the way.



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