Thursday, December 17, 2009


The Catch Made and The One Missed

The wise decision that paid off might have been a result of a prior mistake.

White Sox fans know the Catch. Going into the ninth inning with Mark Buehrle's perfect game on the line manager Ozzie Guillen inserted Dewayne Wise in center field because of his defensive abilities. The first batter hit the ball over the fence but Wise was able to leap up and make the catch. Buehrle retired the next two batters and history was made. Wise was honored with TYIB award for the play.

In May of 2008 I attended a Sox/Twins game and sat down the left field line. Gavin Floyd started the 9th inning with a no-hitter in tact (not a perfect game). As the Sox took the field my friend sitting next to me asked, why is Nick Swisher still in center? The Sox were leading 7-0 and had better options for CF on the bench. Floyd retired the first batter but then gave up a double which bounced only a few feet out of the diving Swisher's reach. The hit was no line drive, just a long opposite field fly ball that fell between the CF and LF.

It seemed like a shame. Swisher is not slow but most center fielder's make that catch and Brian Anderson certainly would have been able to had he not been on the bench.


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