Friday, December 11, 2009


President Obama’s “Safe Schools” Czar


Jim Hoft:
Because of his excellent work with children Kevin Jennings was promoted by Barack Obama to be his Safe Schools Czar. Today he’s running the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools in the US Department of Education.
Just what did Jennings do? Ed Morrissey comments:
Jennings ran an outfit called Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) from its inception in 1995 until last year. During that time, as Jim Hoft at Big Government has detailed, GLSEN offered sex education seminars to young teenagers within the framework of public education that went way, way beyond explanations of human biology and disease transmission. According to multiple sources, GLSEN discussed “fisting”, oral sex etiquette, and other techniques to 14-year-olds, until the program got exposed by local Massachusetts media, and the instructor got fired as a scapegoat. Jim has the audio from one of the seminars, discussing the proper hand position for “fisting.”
Jim Hoft has more, including excerpts from books on GLSEN's reading lists.


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