Wednesday, January 06, 2010



Andre Dawson was voted in to the MLB Hall of Fame, the announcement coming just this afternoon. Even though he played 6 years for the Cubs I liked Dawson and I'm glad to see him get the votes. No problem here.

Edgar Martinez received 195 votes out of 539 ballots cast. Harold Baines got 33 votes. That is just wrong. The only knock on Harold is that he played 58% of his games at DH. No one has yet been elected into the Hall having made most of their career as a DH. Paul Molitor at 44% is the next highest I can think of, there might be others though. Martinez played DH for 68% of his games.

Some stats to consider:

Martinez 312 BA, 2247 Hits, 309 HR, 1261 RBI
H Baines 289 BA, 2866 Hits, 384 HR, 1628 RBI

There are other things to consider in voting for the Hall of Fame but this seems wrong to me. I like the Baseball Hall of Fame more than most Halls of Fame but they are tainted with biases that I don't like. Martinez was a favorite among the media where Harold was a very quiet player. No eligible player outside of the Hall has more hits than Harold. All (eligible) of the top 40 in career hits are in the Hall except for Harold Baines. That speaks for itself.

Excluding DH players is one thing but if they are to be considered, Harold should be the first in line.


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