Saturday, February 06, 2010


Kirk vs. Giannoulias

It's going to get a little rough.

Out of the gate Kirk has a slight lead and that can't be good news for Giannoulias. The b-ball bud of the president has a lot of baggage to overcome and he is up against a squeaky clean Republican with everything going his way.

Complicating things for the president in Illinois is that Giannoulias was battered by primary opponent David Hoffman, who used the Giannoulias family's Broadway Bank — and its loans to mob figures and a convicted influence peddler — in a series of devastating TV spots.

That influence peddler is none other than Obama's own real estate fairy, Tony Rezko.

The national Republicans are eager to take Obama's old Senate seat with liberal Republican Mark Kirk. And they're hoping to tie the president to the seamy politics of the state and to Obama's old friend Rezko.

So how far will Barack be willing to go and risk getting bruised badly?

The better question is whether Obama cares about his old seat more than he cares about the rest of the seats the Democrats will lose if they continue down the current path. I'm guessing no.

"President Obama called, and apparently I missed it," Giannoulias said. "But the White House called to congratulate us last night." [Emphasis added.]

Obama has paid lip service to centrist concerns with his nod to a spending freeze but that was debunked within hours of the proposal as being much less than serious.

The Democrats in Illinois will be in a world of trouble if the Republicans in Illinois can get their act together. A big IF but not a total impossibility. Everyone recognizes that 2010 will be a good year for Republicans so fielding good candidates shouldn't be a problem. If only we could make a clean break from the corrupticans that have ruled the party since the 1970s. It's nice to dream.

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