Sunday, February 21, 2010


Obamacare Revival

I don't know how the Republicans are planning to address the Obamacare revival this week but they better be ready.

From the NYT:

Republican leaders have not yet committed to attending the session and have said they doubt the sincerity of Mr. Obama’s bipartisan overtures, given his refusal to discard the Democrats’ legislation and start over. But senior Republican aides said that party leaders planned to participate and that a chief goal would be to portray the president as defying the will of the American people if he continues pushing for an expansive and expensive bill.

The meeting is fraught with risk, and also offers potential rewards, for each side.

Obama is a good speaker and despite the unpopularity of the health care bill I believe he can win support from the voters if he is not challenged. The GOP had no real leadership during the 2008 election from the primaries through the general and offered little in the form of true opposition to Obama.

Obama is campaigning again and if the Republicans are not prepared he will win again. They do have the advantage of Obama having now been exposed and therefore saying little or even nothing might be a legitimate option for them but now is no time to let the liberal media and Obama and their shared agenda dictate the message.


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