Sunday, February 14, 2010


Spitting on Howard Zinns' Grave?

Liberals have done there best to infiltrate our institutions and take them over by excluding conservatives and conservative viewpoints. Zinn's A People's History is the text used by radical leftists to explain the history of the United States to a generation of young people and it is easy to see its influence in our Universities. Zinn's death is a good time to remember that we need to stand up to liberal indoctrination in our schools and to promote diversity of thought to keep balance against leftists who would brainwash young minds.

Zinn’s wretched tract, A People’s History of the United States, is worthless as history, and it is a national tragedy that so many Americans have fallen under its spell. It is a political cartoon which even the socialist magazine Dissent described as an intellectual fraud, which it is. All Zinn’s writing was directed to one end: to indict his own country as an evil state and soften his countrymen up for the kill. Like his partner in crime, Noam Chomsky, Zinn’s life’s work was a pernicious influence on the young and ignorant, with destructive consequences for people everywhere.



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