Wednesday, March 03, 2010


At best Anthropogenic Global Warming needs to produce more data

Global warming has not been proven. A good deal of the data has been lost or proven to be false.

The recent revelations of scientific errors (not to say fraud) in the U.N.'s global warming documents are important, but Fred Singer reminds us not to lose sight of the most important point: the IPCC's fundamental conclusions, relating to the allegedly unprecedented warming of the past half-century, are based on bad surface temperature data and are contradicted by more-reliable satellite data and by our knowledge of the earth's climate history. We know for a fact, in short, that the computer models that are the only basis for the AGW theory are wrong.

This is certainly enough to say that any public policy based on the need to slow global warming should be shelved until more reliable data and models are studied in an atmosphere of openness.

Diego: As far as the science goes, the burden of proof is on those who support the theory of AGW. Unfortunately, I think the narrative still supports AWG and the necessity for public policy to address the issue. I'd like to believe that the narrative will eventually catch up with the science but I'm not yet sure.

Also (via C02 Science) the The Fourth International Conference on Climate Change will be held in Chicago on May 16-18.



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