Monday, March 22, 2010


Thoughts on the Health Care Bill

A good question from Tigerhawk: "Had George W. Bush been just a little bit better at communicating why he took certain actions while in office, it is possible that the rout that the Republicans suffered in 2008 might not have been as bad, and that the margin of victory today for Democrats on the health care bill vote might not be there?"

The answer is yes. The marketing department took a few years off in the Republican camp and the 2006 and 2008 elections reflected the lack of promotion as well as other factors.

Many on the right are not giving up the fight suggesting legal challenges to the newly passed bill and the call to repeal it outright. I'm not sure of the chances of any of the measures discussed though at Red State a good point is made. The Republicans are poised to take back control in a much shorter time period than after any of the other major entitlement programs that passed.

After Social Security and Medicaid passed it was 16 years and 12 years before the GOP took back control of Congress. After Obamacare the GOP could be back in control in a matter of months. But the Obama marketing department will be in full force and I'm not sure it can be defeated.

Health insurance and health care will soon be free or affordable at the point of purchase and delivery, the only places it matters. Real costs and the real burden placed upon citizens and our economy are more easily hidden. Obama only has to sell the benefits now. It is up the the Republicans to highlight the costs and try and overcome the hill the Democrats won last night. That hill will be steep and heard in the political argument of 'they are trying to take your health care away'.


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