Thursday, April 29, 2010


Steele is Wrong

Powerline calls out Michael Steele for his interview on CNN regarding the GOP and illegal immigration.

Steele: "I think Karl Rove is exactly right about that and that we need, as a party, to be mindful that our prior actions in this area, and certainly our rhetoric in this area, has not been the most welcoming and the most supportive of helping those who want to assimilate into the way of life of America, learning English, getting a good job, coming to the process in a legitimate way, has not helped that."

John Hinderaker comments: "What on earth is Steele talking about? He happily confirms the Democrats' unfair stereotype of Republicans as anti-immigrant know-nothings."

Steele confirms the stereotype because he is leading the RNC within the narrative and not reality. This strategy in that arena is a loser, just like the 2008 election.


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