Friday, April 16, 2010


Thoughts on 2012

Romney and Palin likely make better supporters than ticket leaders.

I don't have a favorite for the GOP 2012 Presidential nomination but electability has to be considered and in my mind that leaves Romney and Palin playing a supportive role rather than headlining.

Palin has an image issue that I would rather not contend with in opposing Obama. She may have been unfairly branded by the MSM but the narrative has been established. Romney has the health care issue which seems like more than just a strike against him. I thought McCain was done as a potential GOP candidate after he supported the 2007 immigration reform/scam effort but I was wrong. Maybe Romney can overcome his mistake if he admits it and uses it as a lesson learned in order to run against the national health care legislation but he recently defended his involvement in Mass. heal care and he sounded awfully slick to me. I didn't buy it. From CATO:

"When you run down this list of elements in the Obama plan and the Romney plan, they are all identical," says Michael Cannon, the Cato Institute's director of Health Policy Studies, in a new video running on the group's website. "Both the Romney plan and the Obama plan are essentially a government takeover of the health care sector of the economy."

I don't know enough about the other names mentioned for 2012 but I am optimistic that the GOP will not conduct their primary the same way they did in 2008.


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