Friday, July 30, 2010


My district is now in contention

Even though Melissa Bean won by about 20 points in the last election, I had a hard time believing Illinois 10 would not be a tough district for the Dems to keep in 2010. Well now it is.

The decisions, which were confirmed by party strategists on Tuesday evening, bring even more clarity to the battlefield on which the two parties will fight for control of Congress over the next three months as Republicans work to reclaim the majority.

The latest wave of races include these Congressional districts: Ark.-1, Ark.-2, Delaware-at large, Fla.-25, Hawaii-1, Ill.-10, Ind.-08, La.-2, Mass.-10, Md.-1, Mich.-1, N.H.-1, N.H.-2, Ore.-5, Pa.-7, Pa. 15, Tenn.-8, Wash.-3, Wis.-7, W.Va..-1.

In the coming weeks, Democrats intend to announce at least one more set of districts.


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