Wednesday, November 03, 2010


How Quickly Things Have Changed

I've had a few political debates with some friends carried out through comments on Facebook. One in particular ended with a post on July 8, 2009 with the following statement from a Democrat:

"Dude, stop only watching fox news....Feel free to have the last word, we'll keep wining elections."

This same person posted the following on Monday:

"Settle down GOP, there is no historic argument to say you'll get your landslide tomorrow. I predict a 30 to 40 gain. taking all bets from those who disagree."

Today's post: "Interesting"

I have yet to comment but I did think of an Instapundit link regarding a tweet:

"Can anyone site a single piece of poll data showing that the "elitism" charge has stuck to Obama or showing that's why Dems are in trouble?"


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