Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Obama Did What Was Necessary

I have read numerous comments on the difference between the Obama Presidency and the Obama campaign and the problems caused by the inconsistencies. Today Instapundit links another: "The Obama camp ran their campaign in such a way that they won the election by dooming the presidency. Of course there is nothing new in politicians promising more than they can deliver. But Obama committed this political sin on such a gargantuan scale that it ought to be named after him"

While I don't disagree with such an assessment I have to point out something I haven't seen mentioned. Obama had to run his campaign the way he did in order to obtain the Presidency. This is not a mistake. Obama is the athlete who took steroids not to excel but just to get in the game. There are no real regrets, he secured the Presidency, he won. The athlete can lament the side effects and comment in hindsight but if he didn't take the steroids he would be in the stands watching. The multi-year contract is guaranteed and the title pays dividends well beyond that.


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