Thursday, December 02, 2010


A Perfect Evening

It was 25 years ago tonight that the Chicago Bears brought their 12-0 record into the Orange Bowl in Miami to take on the Dolphins. I believe it is still the most watched Monday Night Football game in the history of the program. The Bears were a dominant team that year and a serious threat to go undefeated and share such an accomplishment with only team ever to run the table, the 1972 Miami Dolphins team that went 17-0.

The Bears would go on to win the win the Super Bowl but not before getting blown out by the Dolphins on that Monday night. Many of the Bears players had booked the Park West for the next day to record the Super Bowl Shuffle. The timing seemed perfect.

George Halas was a class act and had recently passed away before the 1985 Bears made their run. As Frank Gifford mentioned in the ABC broadcast below, one wonders what he would have made of this team and the likes of the Fridge, William Perry. Fortunately the Dolphins made a loser out of the Bears that Monday Night and the record of the '72 Dolphins team remains unmatched.


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