Thursday, November 04, 2010


Third parties cost Republicans

I can't complain about all third parties. Green party candidate Bill Scheurer siphoned some votes from Melissa Bean in Illinois 8. Thanks Bill for your pointless run for office. However, there were a lot of low hanging Democrat fruit that the Libertarian and Constitution party did manage to keep in congress. And the Republican candidates they hurt were not the Charlie Crist/Lisa Murkowski type.

Arizona 7

Dem. R. Grijalva 62,459 Life time ACU rating: 2.86
Rep. R. McClung 58,376
Ind. Harley Meyer 3,659
Lib. George Keane 3,435

Good job Losertarian and Independent Meyer who is concerned about immigration. I am sure Grijalva are much more likely to serve your interests in congress.

Arizona 8

Dem. G. Giffords 120,175 Life time ACU rating: 14.67
Rep. Jesse Kelly 117,826
Losertarian Steven Stoltz 9,524

Texas 27

Rep. B. Farenthold 50,954
Dem. S. Ortiz 50,155 Life time ACU rating: 31.36
Lib. E.C. Mishou 5,371

Sure the Republican is winning but it wouldn't even be close without the Losertarian competition. Don't you want a congressman who will protect gun rights and limit government? Maybe his pro-life stance bothers you. Is that a good reason to help elect a liberal?

Indiana 2

Dem. J. Donnelly 91,330
Rep. J. Walorski 88,787
Lib. Mark Vogel 9,445

Hey Mark Vogel! Your website has a picture of Joe Donnelly with a line through his face. If you really wanted to get rid of him maybe you should have endorsed Walorski a week before the election when it was clear you had no chance.

New York 23

Dem. B. Owens 76,328
Rep. M. Doheny 72,612
Con. Doug Hoffman 9,573

Doug, Doug, time do a better job of getting your name off the ballot. (Hoffman had endorsed Doheny but his name remained on the ballot and apparently over 9,000 people did not get the word.)

I understand there are times when the Republican is so bad that maybe a third party challenge makes sense. That's what primaries are for. Challenge them then and if you lose bow out after endorsing your fellow Republican and if you win demand they do the same. Face it. Libertarians, Conservatives, Constitutionalists, all have a home in the Republican party. We could have had these seats and many other races would not have been as close if the Libertarians and Constitution party members would realize that our electoral system is winner take all and that offering libertarian/conservative voters two choices just splits their votes benefiting a usually much more liberal/progressive candidate.



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