Monday, December 06, 2010


College Football BcS

Is there any college sport that competes on a national level that has a playing field structured so that numerous teams have no chance to compete for the national championship? Football would be one.

Oregon and Auburn, both undefeated, will be competing for the championship this season. TCU, also undefeated, will not get the chance. If the college football community will not get together and fix this perhaps some of the teams should get creative. Here is an example I would have liked to have seen:

Take this year for example and include Boise State (as if they hadn't lost to Nevada) along with the three teams above in the undefeated category. With Oregon and Auburn being selected as #1 and #2 based on the BCS computer rankings, TCU and Boise State could perhaps change that. A hopeful scenario would be for TCU and Boise State to schedule a late game with the winner picking up a 'quality' win that boosts it's computer ranking enough to oust the lower ranked championship bound team.

The major conferences should not be allowed to shut the rest of the teams out of the money. I'm not sure the best way to change that but I hope it happens.


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