Thursday, March 17, 2011


Will western dithering push Arabs into the hands of Al Qaeda?

Imagine you are a Libyan and the first American president born of a Muslim father is in the White House. Your not sure if the west cares about what happens to you but you hope that if you take up arms against a tyrant that the Americans will at least put up a no fly zone like they did over Iraq for 13 years.

And then nothing happens. America went to war with Iraq and occupied their country when their leader defied the United States but they seem indifferent to your leader who has recently sought to make peace with the west. What would you conclude? Does the west only care about the flow of oil? Or do they want to actually help bring about democracy in the region?

"People are fed up. They are waiting impatiently for an international move," said Saadoun al-Misrati, a rebel spokesman in the city of Misrata, the last rebel-held city in the west, which came under heavy shelling Wednesday.

"What Qaddafi is doing, he is exploiting delays by international community. People are very angry that no action is being taken against Qaddafi's weaponry."

So who do you turn to when the west won't help you against a tyrant? Who else in the region has any power?

Now imagine you are Qadaffy (spelling borrowed from Ace of Spades) and you are looking around at the world and you are seeing who isn't getting me messed with by the west. If you have WMD the US is gun shy about pushing you out. When the Iranians rose up in 2009 Obama kept quiet. Eventually, Obama has called from Qadaffy's ouster. Why not pursue nukes if it keeps the west off your back?

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