Monday, April 18, 2011


Jim Grant On Inflation: "There Will Be A Lot Of It Suddenly"

I ask, no, I demand that you watch this video. To do less would be financially irresponsible.

Via Zero Hedge.

"there will be a lot of suddenly - 4 or 5% let us say...So much of our speculative apparatus is powered on these zero percent interest rates... Think how hard it is to hold back a cash reserve in this economy... Your stupid neighbor who is watching this program is making a lot of money in the stock market: how hard is it not to participate? You can't do it... But 4% inflation would mean that the party is over... Everything would fall out of bed... Gold and silver would right themselves, because they are money that would come into their own at the end of the cycle of disillusionment but for a time there would be terrific chaos in investment markets."

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