Thursday, May 26, 2011


June is the White Sox best chance

Right now the White Sox are 9 games out, second to last in the division, but hitting has picked up and pitching has held up much better. June represents our best chance at getting back in the hunt thanks to weak opponents and some changes in the line-up.

First the schedule, we start a ten game home stand with Detroit which swept us in May. They are the toughest opponents we'll see in June but they are division rivals and anything can happen. The Tigers have been that hot lately so it is time for payback. This series should set the tone for the rest of the month. Next are Seattle and Oakland and we have taken 2 of 3 from both on the road this year. I expect nothing less at home from teams at the bottom of their division. Next we go to Minnesota, this is a tough one because the Twins always play us tough no matter they are having an awful year. We lost a couple of close ones so if we are streaking at this point and our hitting is making a come back then theoretically we should have no problems.

Then we travel to Arizona to face a current 500 ball club. By the time we get their the dome will be closed and that will be good for our hitters. Beyond that I got nothing on the Diamond Backs. Then back home to meet the Cubs who will have nothing but minor league pitching by then. Get your brooms out. Keep them out for the Nationals. We finish June at Colorado, again I got no idea about that.

Of course the big news is that Peavy is back but it isn't the pitching that has been bad for the Sox. Moving Quentin to the third spot should have been done a month ago. I expect Dunn will start to heat up soon although he really isn't that much off his averages.

Hitting is contagious and so is winning. June is our best chance to catch up on both.



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