Friday, June 17, 2011


Police Celebrate Seized Online Gambling Funds

Apologies to the Americans who won’t be receiving the money they deposited via a fake business the government set up, but fear not as they’re going to be buying lots of shiny new police toys with your money. This is yet another way in which horrid police activity fuels itself (much more about that here). The police received monetary rewards for disrupting the lives of innocent people and are using that money to buy fancy new equipment which they will use to harass even more private American citizens engaged in activities that some bureaucrat finds distasteful.

The original article showed up on a popular online poker web forum and individuals from across the world began expressing their disapproval in the comments section. As one online commentator aptly described the situation: “This is disgusting. Their smug faces make me wanna puke.” Another wrote: “So they have taken money that belongs to American citizens. That’s stealing! We should inform the police, oh wait…”

(Via Amy Alkon.)

The Forfeiture Racket

According to a 1992 Cato Institute study examining the early results of the Comprehensive Crime Control Act, total federal forfeiture revenues increased by 1,500 percent between 1985 and 1991. The Justice Department’s forfeiture fund (which doesn’t include forfeitures from customs agents) jumped from $27 million in 1985 to $644 million in 1991; by 1996 it crossed the $1 billion line, and as of 2008 assets had increased to $3.1 billion. According to the government’s own data, less than 20 percent of federal seizures involved property whose owners were ever prosecuted. [Emphasis added.]



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