Monday, July 18, 2011


Rational Environmentalist

Music is more enjoyable to listen to when you like the lyrics. For a long stretch I was in tune with most of what Neil Peart of Rush penned and Geddy Lee filtered (as Neil once said, many are submitted, not all are chosen). I have not been in tune with some of the more recent Rush releases but I do appreciate some of the thoughts Peart puts into the views he shares through lyrics and his other writings:

"In the Pacific Northwest, as in Canada’s British Columbia to the north, logging was a major industry, and thus a source of many jobs. That’s important, no question, and it is one threshold where I part company with organizations like Greenpeace. Speaking with one of their advocates once, I said I would find it hard to shut down any industry, even coal mining, when it would put so many blameless, hard-working people out of a job. The Greenpeace guy said he had no problem with bringing it all down, and he meant it, but . . . I’m a bleeding-heart libertarian.

In any case, it’s hard for me to get too judgmental about lumbering, because I like things made of wood.

Drums, for example.



But I am glad we have those national parks, at least, to protect some of it for the future—and even for the present. Because I enjoy visiting them now, and in the West, they are often reachable on days off."

I think Peart is an interesting writer. He shares his traveling stories on his web site and has written four books.


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