Friday, August 12, 2011


Post Debate Thoughts

I didn't watch the entire debate last night but here are some thoughts regarding the current GOP field and the bid for the Presidency. Of course there may be some big changes between now and November 2012 but I think the election is mostly the Republican's to lose.

I'd say that Obama and the Democrats have a one or two point lead late in the 4th quarter but the Republicans have the ball, first and goal inside the ten yard line. Romney would be a field goal, a high percentage play for the win. I think he would beat Obama easily but he is not the conservative I would like to see in office.

Bachman is the most appealing to me but considering electability I'm afraid it would be like going for the touchdown on 4th down when the field goal is a much safer bet.

I though Pawlenty was going to eventually win the nomination some time ago but it certainly does not look like that now.

I don't know enough about Rick Perry yet but I get the feeling he might fit nicely between my assessments of Romney and Bachman. More like going for it on 4th but from inside the one, just inches away from a touchdown. A win is not just a win here, a touchdown is much better than a field goal in the long run.


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