Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Non studuisse Latinae ..

I do feel sorry for young people who are just getting out of school. I was graduated from my college in 1989 and I distinctly remember being told by recruiters that they weren't hiring but they showed up anyway as a courtesy to the school. Still, I knew better than to major in Classics which would have been a dead end. (I had four years of high school Latin that I enjoyed.) I thought a major in economics would be a little less frivolous. In retrospect, taking a year or two between high school and college to work would have been the smarter route. We would do young people a lot of good if we told them to think seriously about where they want to work and to try it out first before they go on to higher learning.

Then there are the people who want to blame everything on their own stupidity and/or poor choices. She should go with the drug dealing, IMHO.

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